2018 Ski and Snowboard hire Prices

Wolfy’s Ski and Snow Board Hire Jindabyne have a variety of snow gear to suite your needs , from beginners to advanced. We have discounted prices for your Thredbo & Perisher Ski Hire right here in Jindabyne.
All our equipment is fitted by our qualified staff to your skill level.

We are convenient located at 14 Clyde St, Jindabyne. Open seven days a week during ski season from 7am till 7pm.

Adult Ski Hire

Adults Skis, Boots and Poles
1 Day
2 Day
3 Day
4 Day
5 Day
6 Day
7 Days
All Round Carve skis$45
Precision Carve Skis $75 $95$115$135$140 $145$150
Traditional Alpine or Snowblades$40

$75 $85

Childrens Ski Hire

Children Skis and Boots

1 Day
2 Day3 Day
4 Day
5 Day
6 Day7 Day
Carve Skis up to 140cm$30$40

Snowboard and Boots Hire

Snowboard & Boots

1 Day
2 Day
3 Day4 Day
5 Day
6 Day
7 Day
Rome Snowboard$75 $95
Children up to 130cm$30$40$50$60$70 $80$85
Adults$45$65$85 $105 $110 $115 $120

Cross Country and Telemark Ski Hire

Cross Country1Day2Day3Day4Day5Day6Day7Day
Back Country Telemark
Skis, Boots and Poles$45$65 $85 $105$110$115$120
Cross Country Classical
Adults, Boots, skis and Poles$40$60 $75 $85
Children (up to 140cm skis)$20$30$40$50$55$60$65
Skating Skis
Skis ,Boots and Poles$40 $60 $75$85$90$95$100

Single Hire Items (Skis, Boots,Snowboard,Poles, Helmet)

Single Item Hire1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7 Day
Tradition Alpine Skis or Snowbaldes$35$55$70$80$85$90$95
All Rounder Carver Skis$40$60$80$100$105$110$115
Precision Carver Skis$70$90$110$130$135$140$145
Rome Snowboard$70$90$110$130$135$140$145
Adult Snowboard$40$60$80$100$110$115$120
Back Country Telemark$40$60$80$100$110$115$120
Skating Skis$35$55$70$80$86$90$95
Cross Country Skis$35$55$70$80$85$90$95

Winter Clothing Hire

Winter Clothing1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7 Day
Parka or Pants $20$25$30$35$35$40$40
Parka and Pants$35`$45$55$65$70$75$75
Parka or Pants$15$20$25$30$30$35$40
Parka and Pants


Apres Boots Hire

Apres Boots1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7 Day
Child (up to size 4)$10$15$17$20$20$25$30

LOCATED AT: 14 Clyde St Jindabyne,  NSW      Parking in Front    Phone (02) 6456 2278