Perisher Resort Rates

Hire 1 Day

  • Adults: 15 years and over, Child: up to 14 years.
Adult 1 Day Performance Skis/Boots/Poles Hire $120$1173% 
Adult 1 Day Skis/Boots/Poles Hire $97$952% 
Child 1 Day Skis/Boots/Poles Hire $77$753% 

Hire 2 Days

  • Adults: 15 years and over, Child: up to 14 years.
Adult 2 Day Performance Skis/Boots/Poles Hire $179$1743% 
Adult 2 Day Skis/Boots/Poles Hire $145$1403% 
Child 2 Day Skis/Boots/Poles Hire $110$1073% 

Hire 5 Days

  • Adults: 15 years and over, Child: up to 14 years.
Adult 5 Day Performance Skis/Boots/Poles Hire $276$2673% 
Adult 5 Day Skis/Boots/Poles Hire $223$2163% 
Child 5 Day Skis/Boots/Poles Hire $147$1423% 

Perisher Resort Ski hire location and Hours


Perisher ValleyPerisher Centre Lower ArcadeOpen 8:00amClose 5:00pm
Smiggin HolesSmiggin Holes ArcadeOpen 8:00amClose 5:00pm
Bullocks FlatBullocks Flat Skitube TerminalOpen 7:30amClose 5:00pm
GuthegaGuthega CentreOpen 8:30amClose 4:30pm

Rhythm Smiggins Rates


Included:1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days7 Days
Ski Package (Basic Skis, Boots, Poles, Jacket, Pants & Helmet)$125$170$210$240$265$285$295
Basic Skis, Boots & Poles$75$100$130$145$160$170$175
Ex Demo Skis, Boots & Poles$100$135$180$200$210$230$240
Current Demo Skis, Boots & Poles$115$155$195$220$250$265$275
Ski Boots Only$40$45$50$55$60$65$70


Included:1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days7 Days
Snowboard Package – (Basic Board, Boots, Bindings, Jacket, Pants, Helmet & Wrist Guards)$140$190$230$260$300$315$330
Basic Board, Boots & Bindings$90$120$150$170$200$205$210
Ex Demo Board, Boots & Bindings$120$160$180$200$215$225$230
Current Demo Board, Boots & Bindings$130$170$190$210$220$230$240
Boots or Bindings Only$35$45$50$60$70$80$85

More Info go to

16 Link Road
Smiggin Holes, NSW

There are quite a few options to ski or snowboard hire for Perisher Ski Resort.

Is It cheap to hire skis at Perisher resort or off mountain like at Jindabyne.

Its cheaper to hire your ski or snowboard equipment off mountain like in the nearby town of Jindabyne. A normal hire rate in Jindabyne is $50 per day as compared to Perisher resort charging $97 ,so the saving is about 50 percent.

What is the Pro About hiring at Perisher Ski Resort:

Been on mountain if you have a problem with your equipment you can get it fixed almost strait away.Now that Perisher is part of the Vale Group you get last seasons equipment as they bring it across from USA for the season in the Southern Hemisphere.

How to save on your ski or snow board hire at Perisher.

Perisher resort allows you to combine your hire with lesson and lift tickets .Quite often they reduce the price by 30 percent.If you book in advance by 7 days you can get access to savings.

Does Perisher Ski Resort have a Ski or Snowboard Hire in Jindabyne:

Perisher does have equipment hire off mountain located in Jindabyne at The Station 8228 The Snowy River Way, Jindabyne NSW 2627 Phone :1300 369 909

Recreational Skis + Boots + Poles RentalAdult Child
1 Day$42.00$33.00
2 Day$62.00$48.00
3 Day$81.00$55.00
4 Day$90.00$59.00
5 Day$95.00$64.00
6 Day$100.00$69.00
7 Day$104.00$72.00